thumbs/staro.stefanovo.001.jpg Architectural sights of Staro Stefanovo
thumbs/p002.jpg The Staro Stefanovo architectural reserve ( 20 km south east from Lovech) offers over 100 cultural monuments from the beginning and the middle of XIX century. The first time the village was mentioned under the name Isvote was in chronicles of Nikopol district (1515). Its Ancient-Bulgarian origin has been historically proved - it is one of the most ancient settlements in the region. It is interesting for the curious visitor to see the 1300-year old oak tree, the Holy Mother's Birth church (1864) built by Master Gencho Kanchev from Tryavna, the village fountain (1830) and the Priest's bridge (1824). The village is as well the birthplace of Ivanaki Yonkov Kurkchiyata, one of the leaders of the Velcho Plot against the Ottoman Empire who was hanged by the Turkish in 1836. In its surroundings, there are several Thracian barrows.
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